There comes a time when a person picks up the Bible and decides to put the stories he reads into practice. That will be the moment when the world will change!


Out of a deep concern for the faith life of young Christians and reaching out to the unchurched, Jan and Ruth de Haan decided in 2016 to follow their dream by creating a place where people will be trained in following Jesus.


Firm Foundation Bible School started in 2016 in Amsterdam. After one year, a location in Dordrecht was added, which has been active for 2 years. In 2019 the main location of Firm Foundation moved from Amsterdam to Haarlem. In September 2022 Firm Foundation will start again at 3 locations, namely in Hoorn, Almere and Deventer!


Firm Foundation has also been active in Uganda since 2018. Firm Foundation started in Pallisa, a small village about 200 kilometers north-east of the capital Kampala. In September 2019, 2 locations started. Every year, a team from the Netherlands goes to Uganda to train new staff members for Firm Foundation there, and there are now about 14 locations active. It is enriching to be able to work together and we learn a lot from each other.

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