Program season 2022-2023

Firm Foundation Bible School is not a theological education, but make no mistake! You don’t just ‘do it’! During your Firm Foundation period you get to know yourself, God’s Kingdom and your unique place in God’s Kingdom. This will give you a foundation of faith under your feet that will lay a foundation for the rest of your life.We think it is important to spend a lot of time together and to learn from each other. That’s why you’ll be at one of our locations all weekend.
The education is alternately provided by various very good teachers, such as Jan Pool, Klaas van Denderen, Gilbert Thera and Martin Dol. Topics covered include: Intimacy with God, worship, calling, spiritual warfare, work and baptism of the Holy Spirit, and understanding God’s voice.
Saturday afternoon is all about outreach. For this we work together with existing organizations and projects, but we also hold our own actions. You are hereby challenged to put your faith into practice!
In addition, time is spent on making your own Dreamplan, a plan of you, about you, which you will work on after Firm Foundation. At the end of the season, the Dreamplan is presented to various people, including (your) pastor(s) and Christian entrepreneurs. We hope to realize a collaboration in which your Dreamplan is ‘adopted’ by someone who offers a place for you and your Dreamplan, so that you can immediately put all that you have learned into practice after Firm Foundation.


9-11 September // Start Weekend

23-25 September // 

7-9 October // 

21-23 October // 

4-6 November // 

18-20 November // 

2-4 December // 

16-18 December // Christmas Outreach

6-8 January // 

20-22 January // 

3-5 February // 

17-19 February // 

3-5 March // 

17-19 March // 

7-9 April // Passion Conference

21-23 April // 

5-7 May // 

19-21 May // 

2-4 June // Dream weekend

16-18 June // Closing Weekend


Global schedule of the weekends:


20:00 // Start Firm Foundation Weekend

20:30 // Praise and Prayer + testimonies

23:00 // Sleep


09:00 // Coffee

09:30 // Start Lesson

11:30 // Break

13:00 // Lunch

14:00 // Outreach & Evangelism / Diaconal Project

17:00 // Back at location

17:30 // Diner

18:30 // Dreamplan

22:00 // Relax

23:00 // Sleep


10:30 // Visit Sunday Services at different locations

Closing with lunch